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Spend more time on the ocean work you love, with the project support you need.

To reclaim your time you need to know that your essential project tasks are in the best hands.

That’s where Pisces RPM comes in. Think of us as your project support octopus — our many arms expertly handling all of your essential, but time-consuming tasks. With a diverse team of specialists and a deep knowledge of the ocean industry, our arms provide the comprehensive and collaborative support your project needs:

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How do you get your ocean project the support it needs?

Step 1: Book a consultation

Book a free consultation call with our team of ocean experts to share your project needs, challenges and goals.

Step 2: Benefit from strategic advice

Consult with our team of ocean experts to explore the solutions that work best for your project and your specific needs.

Step 3: Get your time back

Redirect your focus to the ocean work you love, with the peace-of-mind that our team has your project's back.
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“Why have one project manager when you can have an entire team! Pisces RPM has taken the administrative burden off our plate, so we can focus on the research"

Craig J. Brown, Dalhousie University

“We really appreciated working with Pisces RPM to add value to the wealth of CMAR’s data by connecting us to CIOOS. We were able to reach a larger audience to support the sustainable use of our coastal resources. CMAR is pleased to collaborate with Pisces RPM; not only for their professionalism and goal oriented outcomes but they also make work enjoyable! Looking forward to future collaborations.”

Leah Lewis-McCrea, CMAR

“The Pisces RPM team were invaluable in organizing and managing our recent workshops. They did an excellent job moderating a dynamic group of Arctic and Northern researchers, and individuals from government and Indigenous organizations. They provided a detailed report of the workshop outcomes that encompassed the diverse nature of the workshops. The Pisces team were wonderful collaborators and brought ArcticNet’s vision and goals to life through this project. We look forward to collaborating again in the future!”

Pascale Ropars, Arctic Net

“Pisces RPM did a fantastic job supporting FORCE with a complex workshop. I was impressed with Kes’s ability to facilitate a productive conversation across a diverse range of participants. The Pisces RPM team brought a high level of expertise, professionalism and efficiency to the event. Hiring Pisces RPM was a worthwhile investment in the success of our project”

Tony Wright, FORCE

"In general I found working with Pisces to be a great experience. It seemed that Dan was able to hit the ground running with some code that solved pieces of the core problem quite quickly, and combined with your depth of expertise with ocean data and ERDDAP specifically it wasn't long at all before the script was giving great results and meeting all of our (and CMAR's) objectives. Needless to say it would be great to work with Pisces for our data management needs in future."

Jeff Cullis, CIOOS Atlantic

"Pisces RPM was able to help us out when we were short on time – they quickly assessed our needs and responded rapidly to bring order to our chaos and help us make our deadline. We will be working with Pisces RPM again in the future and recommend to anyone seeking research project help."

Derek Puzzuoli, Igloo INNOVATIONS

“Working with Kes in her former position at OTN, I quickly recognized a masterful research manager – a person with a deep appreciation of the research environment, while being action oriented and sensitive to the expectations of funders. She is also a joy to work with.”

Dr. Janet Halliwell, J.E. Halliwell Associates Inc.

“Thanks for your great work in preparing the meeting and leading us through the agenda. I think we have met all our objectives and I am very confident we will deliver. A great pleasure working with you.”

Dr. Ariane Plourde, Uqar

“I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Morton on the implementation and management of a collection of national and international research projects. She gets things done efficiently, on time, and does not let pieces fall through the cracks even in complex, fast-moving, high-pressure environments. Her training as a scientist and understanding of how science is done greatly assists with the particular needs of managing large science programs.”

Dr. Frederick Whoriskey, Ocean Tracking Network

“Dr. Morton provided efficient, professional assistance to MEOPAR on a complex project that required an understanding of academia, government and industry partners. We were confident in trusting her to respect MEOPAR’s relationships, quickly understood our requirements, and effectively delivered a product that we could incorporate without change into our business.”

Stefan Leslie, MEOPAR

“Kes did an outstanding job facilitating and moderating Ocean School's two-day strategic planning retreat in early April, 2017. Despite being contacted just one week before the retreat, she was able to prepare and lead us through what was one of the best strategic planning retreats I have been a part of. She managed to keep our group of twelve (including people from different levels and different organizations) focused, on time, and in a collaborative spirit. We accomplished everything we set out to do and more, which rarely happens in these types of meetings. I highly recommend Kes, and look forward to working with her again in the future.”

Janet Stalker, Meopar

“The team at Pisces RPM efficiently and thoroughly assessed my project needs and then developed and delivered on a plan of action. Their passion for and knowledge of ocean research was evident throughout the project – from the energy they brought to meetings to the strategic guidance they offered on how to effectively build new partnerships.”

Christina Macdonald, Executive Director, COINAtlantic, Engagement Specialist, CIOOS-Atlantic

“Pisces RPM  were instrumental in us pulling together a critical event with many different organizations in a short period of time. Kes was great at keeping us on task and hitting the key issues while keeping everyone engaged.  I would recommend her and the Pisces team to anyone looking for help facilitating key events.”

Sarah Thomas, Project Manager, D.P. Energy

"Working with Pisces RPM was a critical piece of the Indigenous Delegation to Ocean Obs 19. They created a space of honesty and transparency, all the while allowing for flexibility without sacrificing precision. Despite the hard work, we all enjoyed our time and felt accomplished. I look forward to collaborating again in the future."

Michael Vegh

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