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The value of EDIA in Canada’s Ocean Sector: Attracting and retaining diverse talent

Unlock the innovative potential of Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility.

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You know you’ve got to incorporate EDIA best practices into your ocean project, but it’s hard to know where to start. 

Effectively solving big ocean challenges - like tackling the climate crisis and creating a productive and sustainable Blue Economy - requires open-mindedness, fresh perspectives and collaboration. But incorporating Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility (EDIA) best practices into your ocean project can be both daunting and time-consuming. 

You need a clear and efficient plan to help you access a diverse and innovative workforce.  

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Elevate your project with essential EDIA support. 

While incorporating EDIA best practices into your ocean project is essential, knowing where to start feels overwhelming. That’s where Pisces EDIA comes in. Think of us as your project support octopus — our many arms expertly handling all of your EDIA questions, requirements and tasks. With our support, you can:

  • Reclaim your time - spend more time on the work you love and less on figuring out EDIA best practices.
  • Set yourself up for success - position your project to grow, adapt and face challenges head-on. 
  • Spark innovation - tap into the cutting-edge potential of a diverse and inclusive workforce by understanding how to attract, grow and retain talent.
  • Find Peace of Mind - trust that all your EDIA needs are in the arms of experts.
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"Supports a diverse workplace to expand working knowledge, supporting ocean practices/technologies that are sustainable.”

Leah Lewis-McCrea, Ocean Allies participant

“A collective that works together to make the ocean field a safe and collaborative space for all.”

Ronnie Noonan-Birch, Ocean Allies participant

“An important program opening doors for new ocean talent, removing obstacles for early career ocean professionals, and shining a light on the contributions of the individuals and communities who are the change leaders we need in the ocean industry.”

David Tipton, Ocean Allies participant

"A trusted source for resources and support."

Alexa Goodman, Ocean Allies participant

"Helping to make the connections that are essential to finding careers and other opportunities in the broader ocean industry."

Sherry Scully, Ocean Allies participant

Dedicated EDIA support to carry you into the future with a stronger workforce. 

At Pisces RPM, we understand that embracing EDIA best practices involves more than intention - it requires detailed strategy and careful consideration. That’s why we’re committed to being the EDIA experts you need to prepare, position and support your organization to effectively access an innovative workforce. 

With years of experience, our team brings straightforward and efficient solutions for all your complex EDIA requirements - freeing you up to focus on tackling big ocean challenges.  
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EDIA support for all aspects of your ocean project.

Talent & Retention

Rely on our EDIA specialists to ensure you’re positioning your organization to attract and retain the right people.


Don’t let the great work you’re doing in EDIA go unnoticed. Lean on our team to ensure that your proposals and reports reflect your efforts. 


Stop worrying about wading through the complex initiatives, assessments and training programs that come with EDIA. Smoothly upskill your team with expert consulting, webinars and workshops. 
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Proposal writing

Expert proposal writing support to evidence your efforts in EDIA.
Silver - Consulting
EDIA Consultation
Review & Recommendations for EDIA section of your proposal
Gold - Consulting & Writing
EDIA Consultation
Writing of EDIA section of proposal
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Ocean Allies Welcoming Space

Ensure everyone feels safe, comfortable and welcome at your next ocean event.
Quiet space 
EDIA support opportunities
Creative activities
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Join our ocean visionaries

Get back to
tackling big ocean challenges...

...with the EDIA support your project needs.

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The value of EDIA in Canada’s Ocean Sector: Attracting and retaining diverse talent

Through equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility best practices, you can set your ocean organization apart, while attracting and retaining a resilient and innovative workforce.
Kyryn Swanson
April 2, 2024
3.5 minutes