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Managing high-quality ocean data takes time  

You have to effectively store, manage and use data for your ocean project to succeed. But as equipment for producing data becomes more complicated, and data processing, standardization, and quality control become more stringent, you’re losing valuable time to tackling data obstacles instead of tackling big ocean challenges. 

You need a better way to handle your ocean data and reclaim your valuable time. 

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Ensure your ocean data is working for you

When it comes to groundbreaking ocean research, translating, cataloging and storing your data is imperative, but time-consuming. That’s where Pisces Ocean Data Solutions comes in. Think of us as your project support octopus — our many arms expertly handling all of your complex ocean data needs. With our support, you can:

  • Reclaim your time - focus more on your work and less on complex data management.
  • Know where your data is - have all your data organized, cataloged and easily accessible. 
  • Standardize and consolidate your data - ensure your data meets the specifications and requirements needed for all of your work.
  • Improve your project outcomes - be backed by a data strategy that leads to better project results.
  • Find peace of mind - trust that your project data management is in the best hands.
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“In general I found working with Pisces to be a great experience. It seemed that Dan was able to hit the ground running with some code that solved pieces of the core problem quite quickly, and combined with your depth of expertise with ocean data and ERDDAP specifically it wasn’t long at all before the script was giving great results and meeting all of our (and CMAR’s) objectives. Needless to say it would be great to work with Pisces for our data management needs in future.”

Jeff Cullis, CIOOS Atlantic

“We really appreciated working with Pisces RPM to add value to the wealth of CMAR’s data by connecting us to CIOOS. We were able to reach a larger audience to support the sustainable use of our coastal resources. CMAR is pleased to collaborate with Pisces RPM; not only for their professionalism and goal oriented outcomes but they also make work enjoyable! Looking forward to future collaborations.”

Leah Lewis-McCrea, CMAR

Finding the best solution for your ocean data is what we thrive on.

As a team of experts just as dedicated to the outcomes of high-quality ocean research work as you, we know first-hand how important your data is. That’s why we’re committed to being the experts you need to maximize the value of your ocean data.

With years of experience, we’re ready to take the frustration of data management off your hands - letting you get back to the important ocean research you love.
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Data Strategy

Our technical experts will consult with you and your staff and recommend an approach to data that supports your goals and fits your organization and technical capabilities

Data Management

Access world-class data management techniques in a way that is easy and approachable for you and your team. 

Data Storytelling

Do more than share information. Tell the story of your research in a way that’s compelling, understandable, and engaging. 


The ultimate data management service for protecting and accessing your ocean research.
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tackling big ocean challenges...

...with the data support you need.

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