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Brad Covey

Head of Ocean Data Solutions

Advancing ocean data through strategy, programming and management.

BCS Computer Science, Dalhousie University | IODE Data Center Quality Management Framework Training Course

Brad is a passionate technologist and data strategist with a keen interest in supporting the research and technology development that we need to protect the natural environment and adapt to climate change. He has spent the last 10 years of his career solving key technical problems and laying the foundation for the continued growth of Canada's blue economy. Brad's work has spanned from the design and implementation of a national data system for Canada's ocean research data, to the development of cutting edge data visualization applications, to developing software to support the integration of new and emerging ocean observing technology with marine robots. 

In Brad's free time he is often found in, on, or near the water, sailing, swimming, and scuba diving.


  • Technical strategic planning and positioning
  • Data management, quality control, standards and process automation¬†
  • Technical infrastructure planning and implementation
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