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The value of EDIA in Canada’s Ocean Sector: Attracting and retaining diverse talent

Tell the story of your ocean project in the most impactful way possible.

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Everyone has an ocean story to tell, but not everyone has time to tell it.

For your project to achieve its full potential, you have to be able to clearly communicate your mission. But crafting impactful communications takes time - a resource there's just never enough of.

You need a way to share your vital work without giving up your valuable time and energy.

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Get back your time without sacrificing your story.

When it comes to tackling big ocean challenges, sharing the work you’re doing is invaluable, but it doesn't need to take up all your time. That’s where Pisces Ocean Science Communications comes in. Think of us as your project support octopus — our many arms expertly handling all of your essential, but time-consuming communication tasks. With our support, you can:

Reclaim your time - focus more on your work and less on how to talk about it.

Gain recognition - elevate your project’s profile and make sure your work is seen.

Communicate with impact - ensure your story is as impactful as your work.

Find peace of mind - trust that all your project communication needs are in the best hands.

School of blue fish swimming

" I have to thank Natalie for taking my business to the next level of sustainability with a focus on protecting and conserving our oceans. Natalie has sourced numerous print and marketing materials for us that are not as harmful to our oceans as traditional methods, and they connected me with a sustainable apparel company whose aim is to protect our oceans. Sustainability and protecting our oceans bring value to our environment and to the clients who paddle with us. With Natalie's help, we continue to lead the way in our industry with a commitment to conservation, and together we will look for more ways to have less impact on these special places we paddle in."

Norm Hann, Norm Hann Expeditions

" I absolutely feel that I have gained clarity as to next steps for my brand. I am able to see where my business is at now, what we are doing right and where the gaps are. I have never felt more understood."

Pam Martin, Blue Jellyfish SUP

" If you have a business and you're passionate about the ocean, you won't regret taking the time to ideate and innovate with Natalie. Guaranteed you'll come away with cool ideas to make your business even more aligned with your love of our beautiful blue planet."

Estelle Hakner, Wild Copy Co.

"I have had the great pleasure to work with Natalie and her team on the launch of my company. They have created my dream logo as well as the beautiful prints designs for my first swimwear collection! During our collaboration they have been so professional, they gathered my needs and understood my business and delivered awesome results. I definitely recommend and cannot wait to work again with them!"

Khaoula Lakhdar, Bawah Beachwear

"I loved how you guys wove the ocean consistently throughout the workshop and follow-up materials. There is so much to consider in the branding process, but weaving ocean impact throughout helps us to see who we are and why we do what we do. It also brought to the forefront for me that my team is as dedicated to building our business as I am and that ocean impact is valuable to them personally as well as professionally."

Pam Martin, Blue Jellyfish SUP

"Thank you so much you have done a wonderful job. :)
I am really happy with them [pitch deck slides], I cannot wait to get them to the world."

Jennifer O'Brien, Sea & Believe

Telling impactful ocean stories is all we have time for.

At Pisces RPM, we're just as dedicated to tackling big ocean challenges as you are so we know first-hand how incredibly valuable your work is. That’s why we’re committed to helping tell your ocean story in the most impactful way possible.

With years of experience in branding, communications, marketing and design, our team of experts will take these essential yet time-consuming tasks off your hands - allowing you to spend your time where you want to spend it.
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Storytelling support for any stage of yor ocean project


No more struggling to figure out what to say and how to say it. Ensure you’re telling your story in the right way with support from our creative strategists.


Stop worrying about how you’re going to get through all of your communication tasks. Our storytellers will help you get things done. 


Don’t let a lack of communication expertise hold your project back. Elevate your project and team with advanced communication and storytelling skills. 
School of blue fish swimming

Brand Field Guide

Ocean-focused brand strategy to help take your business to the next level through expert brand consulting and storytelling support.
Brand strategy
Brand positioning
Competitor audit
Audience personas
Brand personality
Key messages and story
Brand visuals
Brand training
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All Hands on Deck

Full-service presentation and pitch deck support service that helps your next presentation be a success through expert storytelling, professional design and presentation coaching.
10-slide presentation
Presentation strategy
Storytelling strategy
Presentation coaching
Professional design & layout
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Ocean Communications
Training Program

1-on-1 training program that helps your communications team tell your ocean story in the most impactful way possible by giving them access to an experienced mentor and a custom upskilling plan.
Needs assessment
Customized training plan
Communications resources
1-on-1 training
Bi-weekly mentorship
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Storytelling for
Startups Workshop

An immersive workshop that equips your startups with the storytelling skills they need to captivate investors, refine their communications, and drive their ventures forward through engaging and impactful pitch decks.
3-hour workshop
Live or virtual
Investor readiness
Communications toolkit
Collaborative Learning
Expert guidance
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Creative Portfolio

Join our ocean visionaries

Get back to
tackling big ocean challenges

...with the ocean science communications support you need.

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