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As Canada’s leading ocean research project management firm, Pisces RPM is dedicated to providing expert, professional project support to ocean visionaries; from researchers to businesses and everything in between. 

Founded in 2017 by Dr. Kes Morton, marine ecologist and certified project manager, Pisces RPM is comprised of a team of passionate and hardworking individuals committed to creating a healthier future for our oceans.
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Here at Pisces RPM, we uphold the key values of fun, collaborative and inclusive work that always strives towards making positive changes for both people and the planet. 

We understand that addressing major ocean challenges requires not just individual effort but collective expertise and cooperation.

We've witnessed countless visionaries like you navigating this complex balancing act and we are equipped with the specialization to support you at every step of your ocean journey.

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Company Values

Fun and Joyful Work

We maintain honest, transparent and fun relationships through communication, empathy and allowing everyone to focus on the work that brings them the most joy. We always find the positive in our work and stay on the bright side of impactful change. 

Interdisciplinary & Inclusive Collaboration

We believe in the power of interdisciplinary expertise and collaboration as the driving force behind sustainable innovation in the global ocean industry. By fostering an atmosphere of openness, honesty, and inclusivity, we aim to forge enduring relationships and spark positive change. We understand that the path to a healthier future for our oceans lies in the collective effort of all, and actively embrace diverse solutions and perspectives.

Making a Positive Change

We're dedicated to creating the maximum positive impact for our ocean by supporting innovative ideas, making thoughtful choices, and tirelessly pursuing a better future. We understand that meaningful change takes time, but we help make it happen faster.

Efficiency & Effectiveness

We don’t just see efficiency and effectiveness as values; they're embedded in our DNA. Through our team's interdisciplinary expertise, we streamline processes, optimize resources, and improve existing frameworks, enabling our clients to achieve their goals with unparalleled value for their time and money.
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Indigenous Collaborations Policy

At Pisces RPM, we are committed to meaningful collaborations with Indigenous Peoples. For Pisces RPM, this means continuously educating ourselves and our clients to ensure we work with Indigenous governments, organizations, and communities in respectful, transparent, and inclusive ways.

Read our Indigenous Engagement and Collaboration Policy Guide.