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School of blue fish swimming
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Natalie Gilson

Head of Ocean Science Communications

Creating impactful and inspirational ocean stories.

BFA, History in Art, Minor in Anthropology, University of Victoria | Diploma, Graphic Design, Centre for Distance Education | Certified Brand Consultant

Natalie is a creative communicator and ocean storyteller who’s passionate about shaping a better future for the ocean through her creative and strategic expertise. Natalie’s journey began in archaeology, but she couldn't resist the pull of her true calling – creativity and the ocean. Natalie has over eight years of experience in storytelling, creative strategy, visual communication and branding as well as project and team management.

Natalie loves to engage with the water through paddle boarding, surfing, scuba diving, tide pool exploring, and beach cleanups. What’s more, she’s always sharing her passion with her two kids, hoping to inspire them to become future ocean heroes.


  • Creative Strategy
  • Brand Consulting
  • Visual Storytelling
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