Never lose your
ocean research data again.

The ultimate data management service for protecting and accessing your ocean research.

Say goodbye to the frustration of ocean research data loss

As an established Canadian ocean researcher, there’s nothing more frustrating than data loss. Your years of meticulous data collection should never be at risk due to worn-out flash drives, inefficient organizational systems, or inadequate documentation. You need a data management system that you can trust to keep your data safe.
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There's nothing more
valuable than your ocean research data

Your data isn’t just a collection of numbers and observations; it’s a crucial contribution to ocean research, and it represents your life’s work. It deserves the utmost care and should always be accessible to you and your team when you need it.

It’s for this exact reason that we created OceanVault. To safeguard your data and to make sure that you can keep collecting and doing what you do best, without having to worry about what’s happening with your data.

Stop your ocean research data loss in three easy steps with OceanVault

Customized Setup

Work with our team to setup a database that suits your project and is based on international standards.

Training for Your Team

Access live, video and written training to teach your team in how to effectively use your database.

Ongoing Maintenance

Sit back as our data team performs monthly maintenance to ensure you never lose your data again.

What makes OceanVault the perfect fit for your ocean research data management?

Easily access your data
Find your data anytime, anywhere with a database that’s built to international data standards, easy for your team to use and automatically backed up.
Peace of mind
Never worry about the loss of your research ever again with data that is secure, well-documented, searchable, trustworthy and easy to communicate.
Be on the cutting edge
Be an innovator in ocean research data management without needing expensive servers or your own team of data specialists.
Prepare for AI
By uploading data that meets international standards, your work will be ready for an AI specialist or integration with databases like CIOOS.

OceanVault Complete

The full OceanVault Service Package.
Setup + maintenance for your first year.
Customized setup
Training & training materials for your team
12 months of database management
Database migration (contact for pricing)
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Don't risk losing any more of your ocean research data.
Set up OceanVault today.

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