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Branding the Ocean: Igniting a Global Movement for Ocean Protection

The world of branding has moved beyond the sphere of logos and catchy phrases, unfolding into realms previously unimagined. It's no longer just about products and services; we're branding emotions, experiences, and even the intangible. But what if we branded the ocean?
Written by
Natalie Gilson
Published on
December 21, 2023

The world of branding has moved beyond the sphere of logos and catchy phrases, unfolding into realms previously unimagined. It's no longer just about products and services; we're branding emotions, experiences, and even the intangible. 

Today, I'd like to share with you a concept that has captured my fascination lately - the idea of branding the ocean. A notion that poses an intriguing question: Can everything, even something as timeless as the ocean, be branded?

Harnessing the power of branding to raise the oceans' status

For me, what's exciting about the idea of branding the ocean is that it's not about stamping it with a logo. Instead, it's about elevating its status, making it something we talk about, adore, and rally for. Consider world-famous brands like Apple or Patagonia. Their magic lies in their ability to touch lives, strike a chord, and become a part of our everyday narrative.

Imagine if we could create that magic for the ocean, making it so well-branded that people across the globe would recognize its value as readily and with as much universal passion as they do an iPhone. What if the ocean held the same status in our minds as the latest tech? In essence, the aim should be to create a brand for the ocean that everyone can feel a connection with, sparking conversations, and stirring a global movement for its protection.

The Challenges of Branding the Ocean

However, as alluring as the idea may seem, I have to also acknowledge the potential pitfalls. The ocean, in all its vastness and majesty, transcends the concept of ownership. There's a real concern that branding it could lead to further commodification, reducing this complex ecosystem to the same standing as a mere product in the marketplace. Branding has its roots in capitalism - does it have a place beyond?

Moreover, there's an inherent risk of oversimplification. Can a single brand truly encapsulate the ocean's multifaceted roles and impacts on life on Earth? We don't want the ocean's value to be diluted to the equivalent of a consumer brand; its worth is far beyond that.

A Collective Endeavor for Ocean Protection

Navigating these waters, it becomes clear that the biggest challenge lies in using the power of branding to inspire connection and conservation, without reducing the ocean to a commodity. And more importantly, doing it in a way that involves everyone, ensuring a shared sense of ownership and responsibility.

Branding the ocean will require a grand collaboration that transcends industries and geographic boundaries. This monumental task calls for the unity of creative minds with the analytical insights of scientists, the strategic planning of policymakers, and the wise stewardship of environmentalists.

But it isn't just about industries coming together, it's about marrying perspectives - the analytical rigour of Western science, the holistic understanding of Indigenous knowledge, and the rich diversity of global perspectives.

This endeavour should not be the act of a single entity but a collective action of humanity. To brand the ocean well, in a way that keeps everyone's interests and the ocean's wellbeing at heart, we need a global movement and a global contribution. We must ensure that the ocean brand speaks to everyone and belongs to everyone.

The ultimate aim must be, not to brand the ocean for the sake of taking ownership over it or pushing our own agenda, but to help us live in harmony with it. The ocean is a life-giver - every second breath we breathe comes from it. We need to inspire every individual to feel this deep connection and be part of the effort to protect our precious ocean.

Branding the ocean will be a journey full of opportunities and challenges. But it’s a journey we must undertake together, ensuring we honour the ocean's majesty while also highlighting its global significance. The goal must be to create a brand that instills in every person a sense of stewardship and accountability for our ocean, inspiring global conversations and spurring collective action.

It's an opportunity to transform how we perceive and interact with our ocean. To create a future where the ocean is not just recognized and valued, but actively protected by all. The time for action is now. So, let's rise with the tide, and work together to brand the ocean as a treasure we cannot afford to lose.

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Natalie Gilson
December 21, 2023

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